Goals of certification

Certification is carried out in order to:

preventing the release and sale of products (processes, services) hazardous to life, health, property of the population and the environment;
assisting consumers in the competent selection of products (processes, services);
assistance to enterprises and entrepreneurs for their participation in international economic, scientific and technical cooperation and in international trade.
The national certification system AZS, depending on the characteristics of the period of transition to a market economy, is carried out in several directions:

the likelihood of regulation of certification issues not only in the Republic but also in the near and far abroad in accordance with intergovernmental contracts;
increase the legal responsibility of persons who violate certification laws.
The national certification system AZS creates the basis for certification of products (processes, services) produced in the republic and exported.

The national certification system AZS is created on the basis of existing international norms and laws based on ISO / BEK documents, international standards of the ISO 9000 series and interstate documents that form the basis of standardization.