Consideration of complaints

Rules for reviewing complaints

1. Purpose and scope

Current documented procedure (instruction) (hereinafter – the procedure) Certification body determines the rules of treatment of complaints received by “AZGIDASERT” LLC (hereinafter CB) and the rules of their preparation, sequence of reception, registration, period of consideration, rights and responsibilities .

The following procedures are intended for use:

– by the director of “AZGIDASERT” LLC;
– by the person responsible for the quality management system;
– by responsible persons;
– by applicants;
– by interested persons.

2. Normative references

2.1. The following standard norms and rules were used in the procedure:

– ISO / IEC 17065-2012 “Conformity assessment. Requirements for certification bodies of products, processes and services.
– ISO / PAS / 17003: 2004 “Conformity assessment. Complaints and Appeals. Principles and requirements.

3. Terms and abbreviations

Applied in the procedure:
Complaint – an expression of dissatisfaction of any organization or person about the case of CB.
Applicant – the complainant organization (person).
QMS – quality management system.

4. General provisions

4.1. Receiving and reviewing complaints is a means of protecting the interests of consumers using CB services. The rules of procedure for reviewing complaints are openly posted on the CB website.
4.2. Any applicant whose rights have been violated, a person who has participated in the conformity assessment process or a person interested in the outcome of the certification may act as an applicant.
4.3. The applicant has the right to appeal to the CB with a complaint and a request to reconsider the decision.
4.4. This procedure, regulations and CB QMS are used as a guiding document in the grievance redress process.
4.5. In the grievance process, objectivity, fairness, impartiality and confidentiality are ensured between the CB and the applicant.
4.6. In the process of reviewing the complaints, CB authorized employees and interested representatives of the parties are involved.
4.7. Complaints may result in a solution to the problem or a reasoned rejection.
4.8. The applicant who disagrees with the decision has the right to appeal or appeal to a higher court.

5. Functions and tasks

Upon receipt of the complaint, CB takes the following actions:
– registration of the appeal in accordance with the rules of procedure specified in paragraph 6 of this procedure;
– according to this procedure b. 7.2 designation of contact persons and fixed means of communication in accordance with;
– according to this procedure b. 7.3 Analysis of the content of the complaint and appointment of responsible persons in accordance with it;
– according to this procedure b. 10.2 ensuring confidentiality during the review of the complaint in accordance with;
– making an objective decision;
– according to this procedure b. To inform the applicant in a timely manner about the decision made in accordance with 8.1;
– according to this procedure b. 10.4 recording and storage of documents and case materials in accordance with;
– analysis of the result;
– Carrying out corrective and preventive activities in order to prevent recurrence of complaints.

6. Rules of preparation, reception and registration of complaints

6.1. In case of dissatisfaction with the conformity assessment process, which is the main activity of the CB, the applicant may file a complaint on behalf of the director.
6.2. The complaint shall be drawn up in accordance with the rules set out in Annex 1 to this procedure. The complaint must state the reasons for the dissatisfaction and the documents.
6.3. The complaint shall be delivered by mail, fax, e-mail in writing no later than 30 calendar days after the decision of the CB.
6.4. The complaint is registered by the CB management, the complaint is assigned an internal registration number and sent to the director.

7. Rules and terms of consideration of complaints

7.1. The head of the CB gets acquainted with the received complaint and passes it to the quality manager, who is responsible for the measures taken to eliminate the complaint.
7.2. The CB quality manager records the complaint in the Complaints Register and identifies the relevant persons.
7.3. The CB quality manager discusses the complaint with the participants involved and analyzes the situation within 15 working days from the date of registration.
7.4. The content of the documents attached to the complaint shall be determined by the applicant.
7.5. CB may require the applicant to provide additional documents necessary for the decision.
7.6. The initial response must be sent to the applicant in writing no later than 20 working days from the date of registration.

The answer should be:
– Receipt of a complaint by CB;
– registration number;
– period of consideration of complaints (not more than 2 months).

8. Rules and terms of drawing up a decision on the appeal

8.1. The decision on the complaint is made by the quality manager in 2 copies, within 30 working days in accordance with Annex 3 of the same procedure and approved by the management of the CB.
8.2. The decision on the complaint must include:
– duration and way of resolving the complaint in full or in part;
– Reasons for rejection of the complaint, in whole or in part, with reference to legislation, regulations and evidence;
– list of documents confirming the validity of the decision.
8.3. The applicant who disagrees with the decision has the right to appeal or appeal to a higher court. This is done in accordance with the “Rules of Appeal Procedure” documented on the CB website.
8.4 The decision of the higher instances is the final decision.

9. Sending and deadlines for responding to complaints

9.1. According to the documented procedure “Rules for consideration of complaints”, the decision is sent in writing by the head of the CB to the applicant no later than 2 months from the date of the decision. The speed of the decision remains with the CB management and the deputy director.
9.2. The second copy of the decision, all documents and materials on the complaint are stored in the quality manager in the folder “CB complaints” in accordance with b.10.4 of this procedure and then transferred to the archive.
* 9.3. If no objection is received within 30 calendar days after the decision is sent to the applicant, the decision shall be deemed adopted.
Work on complaints is carried out to increase customer satisfaction.
Information on the receipt of complaints and the results of their management are considered by the CB management during the analysis of the quality management system.

In order to identify and eliminate the cause of complaints, CB is systematically conducted as follows:
analysis of previous complaints;
analysis of corrective and preventive activities;
periodic inspection of normative documents;
QMS internal audit;
staff training;
verification of documents submitted on the work performed;
Measures to improve QMS.

10. Responsibility

10.1. CB employees are responsible for:
– objectivity, legality and reliability of decisions made;
– to observe the confidentiality of information.
– storage of documents and materials.
10.2. The requirement to keep information confidential is followed in accordance with the job descriptions of employees.
10.3. Information on the receipt of complaints and the results of the final decision are recorded by the quality manager in the Complaints Registration Journal.
10.4. Documents and materials for reviewing complaints are kept by the quality manager in the “CB complaints” folder for 2 years and then archived.
10.5. Decisions and outcomes must be reviewed by all CB executives.



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