Certification process

General information

The certification process is divided into several stages:

  • Submission of the order for the purpose of certification and consideration of this order;

Order is a form of circulation for acceptance in the control system of the certification body. It is from the date of registration of the order in the body that the certification procedure is started.

  • Conclusion of contracts;

During the certification, the Customer signs an agreement with the certification body (“AZGİDASERT” LLC), which subsequently decides on issuing the certificate. The contract is executed in two copies, having equal legal force. One copy remains with the Customer, and the other with the certification body (“AZGİDASERT” LLC).

  • Filling out forms and delivery of documents displaying production / processing;

The customer provides documents, which show all the processes and methods used in the production of products and fill out the appropriate forms. One of the characteristics of the procedure is that all necessary documents must be presented within a predetermined time. In order to verify the compliance and completeness of the information provided, the certification body conducts periodic evaluation of documents. If a negative result is found during the evaluation, the Customer is given full information about all the shortcomings and inconsistencies, and the possibility of their correction and provision of final documents.

Documents required for certification of import products:

  • certificate of origin
  • foreign certificates of conformity or declarations from the consumer
  • hygienic certificates
  • test reports
  • invoice

Documents required for certification of production:

    • hygienic certificates (phytosanitary, veterinary)
    • production standard
  • Full-time audit of the enterprise – verification of conformity of the process of production of products and funds to the established requirements;

The inspector conducts audit of documents, carries out audit of all industrial potential. If minor inconsistencies are revealed during the audit, the Customer is given time to eliminate them. The expert prepares a report of the results of the inspection and acquaints the Customer with it. The report is signed by the Customer and, in case of disagreement, is submitted to the appeal of the certification body.

  • Laboratory research;

Laboratory research is conducted in accredited laboratories. Sampling is carried out by an expert during the inspection. If in the enterprise there is a corresponding accredited laboratory, then the tests are conducted in the same laboratory with the participation of the expert of “AZGİDASERT” LLC.

  • Certificate of conformity of products:

The certificate of conformity of products, as well as the possibility of using the marking symbol on the label, is issued after the end of the certification period for manufactured goods. The certificate is valid for 1 year and can be extended if a positive result is obtained during the annual inspection.

  • Annual control:

Certification implies constant monitoring of the conformity of the production process and the rules for the production of finished products. To confirm compliance, an annual inspection is carried out, which includes document verification, production audit and laboratory analysis of the final product.