“AZGİDASERT” the accredited body on certification of agricultural products and food products in Azerbaijan has been successfully operating in the market of certification of products and services for several years. During this time we have gained invaluable experience, reliable partners and a well-deserved reputation. We did everything to get a certificate and a declaration in our center was simple, convenient and affordable! Product certification is a procedure in which an independent organization in writing confirms that the product meets all necessary standards and quality requirements. Certification of products confirms the quality of products declared by the manufacturer, is also an instrument for protecting the society and citizens from low-quality goods that can damage health, property and the environment, and facilitates the export and import of products, and increases its competitiveness. Usually the procedure for certification of products implies the issuance of a certificate of conformity or a declaration of conformity and permission to label products with a certification mark. Such a sign shows the consumer that the product has passed the certification procedure, and therefore it is manufactured in accordance with the current standards.

Our certification body “AZGİDASERT” is distinguished by serious experience and established principles of attitudes towards clients: optimal terms for issuing certificates, reasonable prices, individual approach to each client, acceptance of documents online, free consultations.

We are proud of our successes and our reputation. Appreciate the quality and time – contact the professionals!

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